Her Return with Lindsey Curtis
Episode #23: Kattimoni & Juicy Creativity

Episode #23: Kattimoni & Juicy Creativity

June 8, 2020

Lindsey is thrilled to introduce Kattimoni! Kattimoni is a a juicy creative soul Queen, wielding artistry as a catalyst for transformation, self-creation & social change. She is a multidisciplinary Music Artist, Speaker, Voice Coach, Yogini & Arts Psychotherapist who helps people raise their vibration & activate their personal power & creative potential. She has recently released her debut album 'Rise Up Radiate', a powerhouse soul record that celebrates the power & potential of the human spirit to RISE UP through adversity, transform our pain into our power & RADIATE our light into the world. 

This conversation is packed with creative insights for inspiring your own processes & artistry of life. Have a listen to receive more on : 

  • Kattimoni's Herstory
  • How Art & Music invites us to embody energies & archetypes
  • Alchemizing pain & struggle through creativity
  • Creating spaciousness to receive inspiration
  • Embodied Affirmations

Connect with Kattimoni & her music on Facebook, Instagram, and her website at www.kattimoni.com



Episode #22 Preconception: A Sacred Season

Episode #22 Preconception: A Sacred Season

May 28, 2020

The potent topic of preconception, which we never speak about (enough)! In this episode Lindsey invites us into seeing the time before conception in a whole new way, to delete the word "trying" from our vocabulary & open up to the fullness that this creative experience truly is. Naming preconception as a spacious season of creation where we prepare our bodies, minds, hearts & souls for the transition into parenthood, & welcoming new souls into the family configuration, the invitation is to welcome the moment to moment unfolding of this new soul's incarnation. 

Preconception is a sacred season of Connection. Connection to Self, connection to partner while deepening in intimacy, and most importantly - connection with the Soul of baby. When treated this way, the softening of all control & dissolving of conditioning gives a greater ease to clearing the way for baby to come in.  

Lindsey also tells about journeying through the preconception season of her life. Hint Hint, an announcement is within! 

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Episode #21: Eléonore de Posson

Episode #21: Eléonore de Posson

April 17, 2020
Lindsey speaks with Eléonore de Posson. Elé is an inner happiness coach and the author & founder of the Self-Healing Spiral. Her life's mission is to empower and support high performing women with the knowledge, tools. and mindset needed to replace self-doubt & anxiety with self-confidence, abundance & inner peace.
Elé walks us through the Self-Healing spiral, her 6 step healing process, and going in depth of its creation & how to work with it. She tells the necessity to "... give a VIP place to our emotions!" Love this!
Have a listen to receive more on:
  • Elé's Herstory
  • The Self-Healing Spiral
  • Happiness comes from within
  • The Abundance Spiral 
Connect with Eléonore at  https://www.eleonoredeposson.com/ and on Facebook and Instagram


Episode #20: Nisha Gill & Primal Birthing

Episode #20: Nisha Gill & Primal Birthing

April 8, 2020

Lindsey sits with Nisha Gill, of Feminine Instincts. Nisha is a Melbourne-based peri-natal specialist who offers embodied birth education, doula support for birth, counseling, Somatic Experiencing®, a range of bodywork modalities, and birth hypnosis. Together they chat Birth Preparation, Primal Birthing, and how to meet the intensity of birth. 

Have a listen to receive more on:

  • Safety first, whatever that means for the birthing womxn
  • Oxytocin magnification strategies
  • Optimal environment setup
  • Coming back to body as authority
  • Addressing trauma

Connect with Nisha at www.feminineinstincts.com.au   on Facebook & Instagram



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Episode #19: Emily Housman

Episode #19: Emily Housman

March 31, 2020

In this episode Lindsey chats with Emily Housman all about birth. Emily is a registered midwife in the UK, Hypnobirth and DreamBirth practitioner. From birth as a feminist issue, repairing subconscious imprints, and the natural hormonal cocktail that comes from physiological birthing, this is a rich conversation for us all. 

Have a listen to receive more on the importance of:

  • Midwifery
  • Being in Theta brain waves
  • Repairing subconscious imprints 
  • Education, education, education around our bodies, choices & desires

Connect with Emily on her website at  www.EmilyHousman.com

Whether your are birthing, considering becoming a parent, or not - as we've all been born there are certainly little treasures to be gleaned. Enjoy & let us know in the comments what you've received! 

Episode #18 Movement is Medicine

Episode #18 Movement is Medicine

March 13, 2020

What is your relationship with movement? 

Movement is our very first instinct, and this episode is devoted to just that. Movement is life, and movement as medicine is an antidote to control & stagnation. 

Lindsey shares about her current movements, and speaks on the importance of integrating new physical movement explorations whenever we desire to create something new in our experience. 

Your most radiant life & experience is calling for greater movement explorations & engagements now! 


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Episode #17: Xilo & Mercury Retro

Episode #17: Xilo & Mercury Retro

February 24, 2020

This episode is devoted to opening up about Mercury Retrograde & what it means for us today! 

Lindsey is happy to introduce you to Xilo, a passionate astrologer of almost a decade who opens us up to the x-ray that astrology has to offer our lives at this moment. Xilo offers astrological coaching online from a co-creative perspective, dissolving the predictive astrological paradigm for a more empowered & responsive experience. 

Have a listen to get insight into 

  • Astrology Basics
  • Mercury Retrograde
  • Birth Chart Necessities
  • Sun, Moon & Ascendent 
  • How Mercury is inviting us to dig deep


Connect Xilo directly at: xilonem4@hotmail.com 

And for our Spanish fluent listeners - be sure to subscribe to Xilo's Youtube channel for weekly updates! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0JwohnxTGdqZwhdPQ4IGRQ

And on Facebook at: https://m.facebook.com/Xilostrologia/

Episode #16: Alila Rose Grace

Episode #16: Alila Rose Grace

February 12, 2020

Yoni dreams & steams, feminine empowerment & Uterus as Queen are all parts of this episode's expressions!

Lindsey sits down with Alila Rose Grace and they dive deep into the female experience. Alila is passionate about women's empowerment and is the founder of Mahina Menstrual Cup, a luxury period solution. She also channels her passion for women into her holistic sex coaching support, and is dedicating to providing clean, hygienic and dignified periods to women & girls everywhere. 

Have a listen to receive more on: 

  • Benefits & magic of Yoni Steaming
  • Uterus as Queen, and Body as Authority
  • Surrender & emptiness as keys to being filled with wisdom
  • An easy way to connect in with womb & body daily

Connect with Alila at www.mahinacup.com 

Instagram : @mahinacup

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mahinacup/

Episode #15 Peek into a Transformational Session

Episode #15 Peek into a Transformational Session

January 27, 2020

Today Lindsey invites you to peek into a 1:1 transformational session with one of her courageous soul sisters. During a personal call this anonymous woman told Lindsey how she was having difficulty relaxing into her current experience. An idea sparked & Lindsey invited her to record this little experience to give an example to others how the powers of imagery help us to rest more deeply into the present & embody what is. 

Dream along with them as they do 2 imagery exercises to return to peace within. 

Have a listen to explore:

  • What does burnout & adrenal fatigue have as messages for us?
  • What happens when we relax into our natural rhythms?  
  • What is beyond what I have to do, is what am I BEING. 
  • The profound that is within simplicity & gentleness

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Episode #14 Nonnegotiable Self-Love

Episode #14 Nonnegotiable Self-Love

January 3, 2020

Year end reviews & setting intentions for 2020, it's that time! Lindsey invites you to get clear on what nonnegotiable Self-Love practices are the most supportive to be weaved into this new year. She gives a few examples of her personal nonnegotiables, including weekly breast massages and monthly sauna sweats. 

Setting at least one nonnegotiable self-love practice for 2020 will give:

  • a deep sense of self commitment
  • develop greater self-respect, value & worth
  • increase one's ability to trust in fulfillment of desires

If you're new to setting a regular practice, then start with a small achievable commitment and work up from there. Even 10 minutes per week, on a regular weekly rhythmic basis will begin to fill the inner well & give results through experience, which then fuels the desire to continue & even increase.

To dive deeper into this new decade with a powerful imagery workshop to get in alignment with your radiance & Soul desires, join Lindsey for her annual event. More info : www.herreturn.com