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Episode #32: Holly Toronto: Good Girl Turned Whole

Episode #32: Holly Toronto: Good Girl Turned Whole

August 13, 2021

Being born bad to feminine freedom today's guest, Holly Toronto, opens up about the great transformation that's possible when we shift from outer authority to inner sovereignty. 


Holly is a Certified Master Level Coach who helps women stop prioritizing other people’s expectations of beauty, belief or behavior so that they can live their life from a place of Wholeness, fully aligned with the truth of who they are.

Listen to receive on:
  • Impacts of Purity Culture
  • Transforming the Good Girl Wound
  • Being the Granter of your own Goodness
  • Sensual Sexuality as Gateway to Wholeness
Connect with Holly on InstagramFacebook Group, and her Website: www.hollytoronto.com
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Episode #30: Delphine Lévi Alvarès

Episode #30: Delphine Lévi Alvarès

June 22, 2021

In this episode Lindsey sits with Delphine Lévi Alvarès to open up about female cycles, rhythms, bodies, and more.

Delphine is an environmental activist born & raised in the French Alps. As she grew to take on ambitious leadership positions, she quickly understood that in order to protect the Earth, activists have to start by taking care of themselves first and practice deep self-love in order to unleash full potential; so she started with herself.

Delphine accompanies others on their journey to reconnect with themselves & to Source. She's a yoga teacher, Wise Womb Medicine practitioner, and self-care advocate. She holds workshops to support women as they reclaim the power of their bodies. 


Have a listen to receive more on:

  • The power of breath to return home
  • Knowledge is power, know your body
  • Inspiration to Reconnecting to the Earth
  • Medicine within Hormonal Parties & Menopause 
  • Ending the Human Giver Syndrome for Full Cup Service

Connect with Delphine via her website reconnecttoblossom.com, on instagram and on facebook. 


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Episode #29 Connecting with Desire

Episode #29 Connecting with Desire

June 10, 2021

What would it look like if you embodied your Primal Desire with full permission?

In this episode Lindsey opens up Desire, and tells her own experience of courting desire after birth. Listen until the end to receive a direct experience of connecting to your Desire. 


Enjoy this episode to receive more on:

  • Defining Desire 
  • Connecting with Desire
  • Becoming more intimate with Desire
  • Deepening into your womb connection
  • Lindsey's storytelling of recent experiences of Desire


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Episode #28: Valerie Wiesner & Sacred Postpartum

Episode #28: Valerie Wiesner & Sacred Postpartum

May 26, 2021

Bringing the Beauty to women in postpartum, Valerie Wiesner joins Lindsey for this episode into Sacred Postpartum. Valerie is a midwife, pioneer, passionate protector of women in the childbearing year & beyond, and postpartum survivor 16 times. She currently serves & trains locally & globally through online and LIVE trainings, and virtually for personal postpartum journeys. 

Have a listen to receive more on:

  • The cultural differences of postpartum care
  • The link between postpartum & our wise woman years
  • The High Value in tending the open, raw & vulnerable Mama
  • Practical tips for every woman for creating her most supportive experience 

We are postpartum forever after the birth of a babe and there is always time to uplevel our self-mothering care. Enjoy this episode for greater inspiration, and take a loving action for yourself or another Mama today!


Connect with Valerie at  https://sacredbirthtraditions.com/  & https://www.sacredpostpartum.net/ 


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Episode #27 Transforming by Creating

Episode #27 Transforming by Creating

May 14, 2021

Whether it's creating a project, business, baby, relationship, or a secret creative desire - there's a calibration that happens within the process of creation. It's through daring to create our desire that we are able to heal, integrate, experience our wholeness, and lead fuller more radiant lives.

In this episode, fresh from birthing, self-loving & full-time mothering, Lindsey opens up on what it takes to create our deepest desires & the transformations that come from the very process of creating. 

Listen to hear more about Lindsey's creative process in becoming Mother, personal healings through her transformation, and inspiration for your own creative darings. 


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Episode #26: Claudia Kaiser & Pregnancy Loss

Episode #26: Claudia Kaiser & Pregnancy Loss

October 21, 2020

This episode Lindsey sits down with Claudia Kaiser to open up on miscarriage - also known as pregnancy loss &/or natural abortion. Claudia is a Mind-Body-Nutrition Coach who is on a mission to help women and men, their (future) children & the planet to recover optimal health & fertility. Her passions for living a fertile life are what guide her in her work & embodied being. 

Today Claudia opens up about her very own journey through pregnancy loss. With the highest intention of dissolving taboos about speaking on this topic & experience, may this episode illuminate all ears & hearts that listen.  

Listen to receive upon:

  • Scarcity vs the Fertile Path
  • Pregnancy Loss 
  • Facing the Fear of Death
  • Taking Self-Responsibility 
  • Treasures in the Loss
  • Connecting with & Learning from the Souls Passed


Connect with Claudia at www.caminodelafertilidad.com 

And receive her fantastic article diving deeper into what she's learned through experience - https://www.caminodelafertilidad.com/what-i-learned-from-my-miscarriage-part-1/ 


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Episode #25: Tiffany Stephens & Human Design

Episode #25: Tiffany Stephens & Human Design

September 3, 2020

This episode is devoted to exploring Human Design with Tiffany Stephens.

Tiffany has wealth of knowledge & experience to share coming from her years of inner enquiry & exploring ancient teachings of many cultures. She is a Catalyst for Change and uses Human Design as one of her many tools for supporting others in their transformations. 

Human Design is an integrative system that gives us our energetic blueprint & great permission to live life in alignment with our unique individuality with ease & grace. 

"This is how you are built energetically...with the knowledge, give yourself the permission to be your Self!" 


Have a listen to receive more on:

  • Origins of Human Design
  • Types, Strategy, Inner Authority, & Profiles 
  • Why your design is essential to know


Connect with Tiffany on FaceBook & her website at http://tiffanystephens.co.uk/

Episode #24 Body Changes

Episode #24 Body Changes

August 10, 2020

Body love, body reverence, body appreciation - this episode is devoted to embracing body changes. 

How do we do it, how do we embrace the changes of form that life brings? In this episode Lindsey speaks directly from her rapidly changing pregnant body & gives tips for every womxn wherever you are in your body love journey. 

Have a listen for more on - 

* Embodiment! Getting intimate with your form, right now 

* Processing emotions as they arise 

* Moving your body! Movements that celebrate your form

* Practical tips for getting intimate with your changes



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Episode #23: Kattimoni & Juicy Creativity

Episode #23: Kattimoni & Juicy Creativity

June 8, 2020

Lindsey is thrilled to introduce Kattimoni! Kattimoni is a a juicy creative soul Queen, wielding artistry as a catalyst for transformation, self-creation & social change. She is a multidisciplinary Music Artist, Speaker, Voice Coach, Yogini & Arts Psychotherapist who helps people raise their vibration & activate their personal power & creative potential. She has recently released her debut album 'Rise Up Radiate', a powerhouse soul record that celebrates the power & potential of the human spirit to RISE UP through adversity, transform our pain into our power & RADIATE our light into the world. 

This conversation is packed with creative insights for inspiring your own processes & artistry of life. Have a listen to receive more on : 

  • Kattimoni's Herstory
  • How Art & Music invites us to embody energies & archetypes
  • Alchemizing pain & struggle through creativity
  • Creating spaciousness to receive inspiration
  • Embodied Affirmations

Connect with Kattimoni & her music on Facebook, Instagram, and her website at www.kattimoni.com



Episode #22 Preconception: A Sacred Season

Episode #22 Preconception: A Sacred Season

May 28, 2020

The potent topic of preconception, which we never speak about (enough)! In this episode Lindsey invites us into seeing the time before conception in a whole new way, to delete the word "trying" from our vocabulary & open up to the fullness that this creative experience truly is. Naming preconception as a spacious season of creation where we prepare our bodies, minds, hearts & souls for the transition into parenthood, & welcoming new souls into the family configuration, the invitation is to welcome the moment to moment unfolding of this new soul's incarnation. 

Preconception is a sacred season of Connection. Connection to Self, connection to partner while deepening in intimacy, and most importantly - connection with the Soul of baby. When treated this way, the softening of all control & dissolving of conditioning gives a greater ease to clearing the way for baby to come in.  

Lindsey also tells about journeying through the preconception season of her life. Hint Hint, an announcement is within! 

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